Month: December 2021

Unfollow Fear

A Vulnerable God

What does the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth mean to you? For me, it’s the story of a God who chooses vulnerability over power. The Jewish people had been waiting for a saviour for generations, but when Jesus appeared, it wasn’t in the form they expected. They were hoping for a ruler, someone powerful who would…
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Failure is an Option

What would you do if you could not fail? I have asked myself this question, and it’s helped me to unlock dreams and desires. But here’s an even better question: What is worth doing even if you fail? As a recovering perfectionist, my fear of failure has been huge. In my head, I know that…
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How to Keep Hope Alive

This past Sunday in church, the theme was hope. If we’ve ever needed hope, it’s now! As I prepared to lead worship last Sunday, I felt that there has been a shadow dimming the hope of many of us – including me. As I prayed that God would revive our hope, I asked what I…
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